Mickey to get a makeover

No more Mr. Nice Guy for Mickey, says the New York Times, as Disney tries to reach a new, more tech-savvy audience more familiar with Pixar and Family Guy than the beloved cartoon mouse.

From Times writer Brooks Barnes:

“Epic Mickey, designed for Nintendo’s Wii console, is set in a “cartoon wasteland” where Disney’s forgotten and retired creations live. The chief inhabitant is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a cartoon character Walt Disney created in 1927 as a precursor to Mickey but ultimately abandoned in a dispute with Universal Studios. In the game, Oswald has become bitter and envious of Mickey’s popularity. The game also features a disemboweled, robotic Donald Duck and a “twisted, broken, dangerous” version of Disneyland’s “It’s a Small World.” Using paint and thinner thrown from a magic paintbrush, Mickey must stop the Phantom Blot overlord, gain the trust of Oswald and save the day.”

Say what you will about the manipulation of an American media icon, but I will almost definitely be playing that title.

This reminds me of the 13th-season South Park Episode “The Ring,” wherein Mickey Mouse terrorizes the Jonas Brothers and forces them to wear “purity rings” so Disney can continue selling sex to preteen girls.


Mickey kicks some Jonas Brothers tail in Season 13 of South Park


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